About Us


Ultra Blend Solutions is a mobile chemical company that provides an on-site, just in time, blending solution for the hydraulic fracturing industry.  Headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana we provide reliable, cost effective blending services to companies all over North America.

We have a 10-acre blending facility centrally located in Dilley, Texas. Located at our yard are our three equipment models, which enables us to provide a just in time blending solution for our customers.

Our patent-pending mobile blending machines give our clients a cost- saving solution to their oil well chemical blending needs.  Our portable mixers can provide on the fly blending anywhere the customer desires, whether it’s at the well site, your designated yard or at our yard in South Texas.

We offer a suite of services tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Whether it’s toll blending guar powder with our proprietary surfactant or providing an all-in-one guar slurry blended at the well site, we can handle your mixing needs at a significant cost savings and with a higher yield. Experienced engineers and onsite supervision are provided for all jobs.

Our patent-pending mobile blending machines are custom designed with flow meters and monitoring units to consistently monitor the fluid being introduced into the well. All quality control is done on-site in our mobile laboratory using state of the art equipment including Fann 35 viscometers, top loading balancers, and Waring two-speed blenders.